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2018 Ultimate Calendar Planner Year At A Glance

Check out this in demand seasonal item, the 2018 Ultimate Calendar Planner with Year at a Glance format.

With this hanging on your wall you can envision the whole year at a glance and pencil in your dates so you never forget an important event, even if you lose the calendar on your phone!

This calendar is printed on 7mil poster matte paper. They are rolled and shipped in a sturdy cardboard tube for safe delivery direct from the printer.

It’s a bargain at well under $20!

You can order it here

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Online Clearance: Wall Art Quotes Over 50% Off!

If you’re looking for Wall Art for your Home Decor at a good discount, look no further! We have found a treasure trove of great discounts for you today.

As always, if you find something in the “ball park” click through, start digging around, and likely you’ll find the idea piece you’re looking for was far as wall art or home decor goes.

These quotes fall into several categories today: Bible Quotes, Encouraging Bible verses for women, motivational quotes for work, and so forth.  These quotes are also on a variety of media from framed wall art to pillows.

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Not displaying? Check the links below:

Write Your Own Kid Expressions 24-Inch Square Canvas Wall Art • $0.01
Etsy Ruth 1:16 Printable Bible Verse Quote Sign – Where You Go I’ll Go Where You Stay I’ll Stay – Wedding • $4
Etsy We love because He first loved us – Printable Bible Verse Quote Sign – 1 John 4:19 – Wedding INSTANT • $5
Delightfully Difficult Reclaimed Wood Wall Art • $4.99
New View “As Wings Are To A Bird” Framed Wall Art • New View • $7.99
Winnie the Pooh Quote Print • $7.99 – Everything Happens • • $9.99–19.99
Books We Can Do It Book Full of Inspirational Quotes • Books • $11.50
Anthropologie Do One Thing Every Day That Centers You: A Mindfulness Journal • Anthropologie • $12.95
Inspirational “Life Is Beautiful Darling” Framed Wall Art • $13.99
Comic Quote Wall Plaque – Set of Three • $19.99
‘Sorry I Farted’ Apology Postcards & ‘My Dysfunctions’ Journal • Knock Knock • $19.99
Elementem Photography “Do What You Love… ” Canvas Wall Art • $19.99
“Home Sweet Home” 8-Inch x 10-Inch Canvas Wall Art • $19.99
Love Above All Else Ikat Small Wall Art • $19.99
Elementem Photography “Happiness Depends Upon Ourselves” Canvas Wall Art • $19.99
Elementem Photography I Have No Special Talent… Canvas Wall Art • $19.99
Etsy Word Art Wood 3D Cutout Family by MRC Wood Products • $21.95
Etsy Word Art Wood 3D Cutout I Love You A Bushel And A Peck by MRC Wood Products • $23.95
Kohl’s Happy Moments Canvas Wall Art • $24.99
RoomMates Kindness Quote Peel and Stick Wall Decal • $24.99
Phaidon Art Is The Highest Form of Hope & Other Quotes By Artists • Phaidon • $25
Spencer Home Decor ”Dog Person” Jacquard Throw Pillow • $26.99 – Inspirational Quote By Albert • • $26.99 – Inspirational Quote By Bill Co • • $26.99
Believe in Magic Art Print • Minted • $28
Go Confidently Art Print • Minted • $28
I love you in the morning Art Print • Minted • $28
The Greatest Thing Art Print • Minted • $28
on my way Art Print • Minted • $28

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Gifts for Guys: Online Clearance Designer Men’s Tee Shirts from $3.32!

Gifts For Guys Mens Tee ShirtsLooking for gifts for guys? For Boyfriends? For Christmas? Or Birthdays? Tee Shirts are always an option. Today here is a listing of Designer Men’s T Shirts of many descriptions (even his favorite sports team!) These are currently on sale at 70% off from leading retailers and starting as low as $3.32… (of course some are still crazy expensive at 70% off!)

Anyway, we can’t show you every variant that’s on sale so if you see a potential gift for your guy or one of these designer men’s tee shirts that is somewhere in the “ball park”, click through and look around. What you’re looking for may be just a few clicks away!

Wherever you end up shopping online, check for other perks too. Most of these stores where you’re looking for gifts for guys will offer free shipping on some purchases. That’ll save money too!

Today’s Gifts for Guys!

Ok did you see the arrow on the right side of the image gallery? Depending on whether you’re on a full sized computer or phone, you may need to click the arrow to see more of these designer tee shirts for men that are on sale.

Because we’re showing a variety of leading retailers here, you’ll find the best of the best from the likes of Lord and Taylor, Macy’s, and other fashion names. While you’re there, there are plenty of other sales items that may catch your eye, not just tee shirts.

Please remember we can bring you these “finds” because we are using an affiliate link should you choose to make a purchase! Thanks for visiting these retailers!

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Online Clearance – Designer Handbags from $5

Online Designer bags are on clearance starting at $5! At these prices, they will sell out soon undoubtedly, but it’s worth a shot to see if there’s something you like, to click through and check around for a variety of nice handbags that are now on clearance at up to 70% off. While you’re there be sure to check and see if your purchase may be eligible for free shipping!

These designer handbags have one thing in common – a steep discount. They are from a variety of stores, designers, and brands, but they may be the perfect designer handbag for women that you’re looking for.

Some are clutches, others are larger bags. Some are designed to carry just a few essentials while others are big enough to carry the kitchen sink. Whatever you’re looking for, it’s probably here and on sale too!

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Note: In addition to selling our own designs here, we use affiliate links to point you to products we have designed for sale elsewhere and to other people’s products services that we believe may be of interest to you. Thank you for your business!

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Strength and Dignity are her Clothing Proverbs 31:25 Tee Shirts

T Shirt "Strength and Dignity are her Clothing" This is for the woman who aspires to be God’s Virtuous Woman of Proverbs 31.

Link: Buy or Check other variations at SunFrog

Proverbs 31:25 says of the virtuous woman has “Strength and Dignity are her Clothing”. Now wear this holy aspiration and affirmation on a Tee Shirt, Sweatshirt, Hoodie, Unisex Tank Top or V neck!

It’s designed by us here at 2259Printables but produced by SunFrog, the nation’s leading provider of custom Tee shirts and another apparel. We partnered with SunFrog on this production for the best combination of variety of styles, price of production, and turn around time. These are printed on demand once you place your order and shipped directly to you!

SunFrog handles all customer service and billing.

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Note: this the same listing as found in our Shop Links.

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Online Clearance Egyptian Cotton 70% Off

According to one author: “Egyptian-grown cotton is known for its ability to create extra long staples, or fibres. These fibres can produce thread or yAarns that are thinner than other cottons because of their longer length. This yarn is smaller in diameter yet stronger than other cottons.” (If you’re really interested in why Egyptian Cotton is better than “regular cotton”, I’ve even posted a youtube video below on the topic.)

HGTV’s guide to buying sheets says this about about “thread count”: “Thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch. Generally, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet, and the more likely it will wear well-or even soften-over time. Good sheets range anywhere from 200 to 800, although you’ll occasionally see numbers over 1,000.”

No wonder luxurious bed sheets and pillow cases are so expensive when they are made with Egyptian Cotton.

Today we’ve scanned lots of well known internet retailers looking for bargains in Egyptian cotton bed linens. Here’s what we’ve found. Keep in mind that prices and quantities are subject to change. There may be other benefits you’ll be eligible for like free shipping. There may also be Egyptian Cotton products not illustrated below so if you see something you remotely like in the way of bed linen, click through and look around. Hopefully you’ll find JUST what you’re seeking for your home.

Egyptian Cotton
HGTV Guide to Buying Bed Sheets

As per our FTC disclosure, the links to Egyptian Cotton bed linens, pillow covers, etc are affiliate links. We hope that you’ll enjoy them and believe they may be what you’re looking for. You, of course, are the final judge of that!

Thank you for visiting. Use the CONTACT FORM to let us know if there is something in particular you’re looking for in the way of online clearance items for your home.

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Zulily Home Decor Up To 70% Off

As we check the online marketplace for home decor to see what’s popular, we come across these clearance items at online retailers like Zulily. We thought we’d share them with you! These are from the popular retailer Zulily at up to 70% off. When you click through you will find other bargains as well. These just caught our eye! Happy shopping! Note: Prices and availability are subject to change. Clicking one of the pictures will take you off site.

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Online Clearance: Women’s Tee Shirts $4 to $6!

Here are Women’s T Shirts for $4-$6 from a variety of online retailers. As usual, clicking through will let you see other possibilities and price ranges, but these stood out today as we were scanning the marketplace for inspiration for our own custom T Shirt designs. They’re only a sample of all that are available.

Prices and availability are subject to change… because we purchase T Shirts wholesale for custom print on demand work, we KNOW a good value. It’s hard to see how these are not all being sold at a steep loss! We can’t even buy T shirts for printing at these prices!

The style of T Shirt varies. All are cotton or cotton mix but be careful to check other specifics. These come from a variety of manufacturers so specific details will vary!

These are top brands from top retailers. Check also for Free Shipping and other special offers!

Hopefully you’ll find something you’ll like! Thanks for visiting…. Please share this on Facebook and Pinterest! It’s much appreciated!